Don’t Litigate, Mediate!

No one likes being in a dispute or a disagreement. It's difficult, frustrating, and can be emotionally draining. However, litigation (going to court) is not always the best way to resolve differences. Another approach is Mediation.

An independent third party helps you come up with a resolution to the situation. You do not have to talk to the other person in the dispute or even be in the same room as them. Mediation is used to resolve all kinds of disputes, from family matters including divorce, to business issues, homeowner association problems, landlord-tenant disagreements, and more.

If you have a situation and you would like to discuss if mediation is a possible approach, please contact us.

Note that mediator cannot give legal or financial advice and we always recommend that you should consult appropriate professionals where necessary for your situation. However, many lawyers these days favor their clients resolving matters outside of a courtroom

Anthony Matthews, Mediator

I enjoy mediating and the challenges of helping parties see how their mutual needs can be met.

I believe that many situations can be resolved if the parties are fully heard and understood, so I tend to be particularly effective in cases where one side is skeptical or resigned about the possibility of resolving a situation in mediation.

I have worked frequently in the Los Angeles Court Alternative Dispute Resolution system. As this program may be closing in June 2013, I stand ready to work with parties to make mediation of lawsuits available to them privately and at the same favorable rates.

I am an active participant in the local mediation community, in particular the Southern California Mediation Association. I am also active as a Board Member of the Granada Hills South Neighborhood Council.

I practice in the greater Los Angeles Area, and am available to come to your location or to use my facilities.

My fees are $600 for a half-day and $1200 for a full-day mediation. However, I can currently be booked for a standard three-hour mediation for $450 through my listing on the Mediator Registry.

If you are considering the use of mediation to resolve your situation, please contact me for a no-obligation consultation. Mediation is easier, less expensive, and much faster than you may think, and if I cannot personally help you I will be pleased to point you towards someone who can…